October 2015

Robo Bunz

Well, here we are in October - the month in which we usually do a Halloween Calendar, because, well... What else is there to do in October?? Except, that is, for this time around... Instead, we present a dynamic scene from our ongoing strip, Bunz and Katz, where it seems as though Giant RoboBunz is facing off against a Guy in a vaguely-familiar looking rubber Dinosaur suit... *Ahem* For any Corporate Movie Lawyers who may be viewing this pix, this is NOT the Big Guy who usually noshes on Tokyo- Honest! It's merely an incredible simulation!!

But that aside, to learn exactly why this scene is transpiring, I guess you'll have to read the strip - except, um... not just yet... The page with this confrontation probably won't be posted until Monday the 5th... I'd sort'a planned to have both the calendar and the page posted at the same time - but things just didn't quite work out that way... Life is like that, Y'know...

In the meantime, we can all enjoy the Calendar... When friends at work spot it proudly gracing your monitor, they'll stop an' say: "Hey, you Crazy or what?!?"

And with that, seems I'd best be gettin' on outta here... It's Miller time! JQ...


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