August 2015

Io Green Bunny chick

As the saying goes, "Once in a Blue Moon something amazing happens"... Well, towards the end of July, we had a Blue Moon and sure enough several amazing things have transpired recently... First off there was the truly amazing flyby of Pluto by the New Horizons Probe, Then there were pieces of the long missing Flight 370 which seem to have washed ashore on Reunion island... Somewhat less amazing, Kraft Cheese had a recall and speaking of cheese, Candidate Donald Trump said something that made sense... (The Mind Boggles!) and finally, for local amazement the neighbor's cat had kittens... I realize that this may not seem all that amazing, but one of them was a puppy! We're still wondering about that...

Oh Wait, I almost forgot, the number ONE amazing thing for this Blue Moon, is the return (once again) of Art Bell to Broadcasting (or Podcasting anyway)... Over the years, late night talk show host Art Bell, has retired and returned several times... In fact, it was back in March of 2001, during a previous return by Art, that we celebrated that time around with a calendar pix also featuring Io and Callisto the green alien bunnies in their first appearance... since then they've appeared in other space themed calendars - while this month they're back again to help commemorate Art's most recent return...

For those of you interested, check out for news and podcast times (9pm weekdays Pacific time - Midnight East Coast time)... Following Art, Richard Hoagland is also doing a Podcast show, usually discussing some iffy science related topic... So if perhaps you're fascinated by the weird, the off kilter, the Abby-Normal, then give 'em a listen... JQ


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