June 2015

CopperTan Cutey

Seems that June sort of snuck up on me... I was involved in other things and sort'a had the idea that I had a few more days until the end of May... Well, I was wrong! Fortunately though, I had a fair amount of the art for this month's calendar pix ready to go... Partially, we're reprising once again, our take on that well known CopperTone ad from back in the 50s... (If you don't know what I'm talkin' about - Google it! ...a Puppy and a Little Girl with Swimsuit problems...) Seems just about every cartoonist has done a take off on the idea - and gotta admit, this isn't my first shot at it either... Though this time around with Cutey, seems it's a Crab who's checking her tan...

Also, for those of you who've been reading Bunz & Katz (My online Comix) - Remember the Burrito Kid? Well, here we find the gang, congregated about the Guano Brothers Burrito shack, which conveniently seems to be down at the beach... Just a tip, several of these characters will be featured in the next couple of Calendars, as we also will be continuing (sort of) with our CopperTan theme...

Not a lot else to add - so will be signing off here... JQ


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