January 2015

Bunz & Katz Overalls

Here it is January of 2015 - a whole new year for us to mess up... Drat! A Moth jus' dive bombed into my tea!

Meanwhile, here in Los Angeles, Winter is getting serious - Blizzard, Hail, Sleet -- I watched it all on TV... It looks really cold in the rest of the country! And yes the Calendar is a bit late again this month, Hey, its a "Tradition"... An' besides it was a lot later last month, so in retrospect, it's not that late I suppose...

But lookin' back on the year just passed, We were told the Afghan war is "Over" YAY!!! So like, Who won? anyone see the box score??

On a positive note, the Prez recognized Cuba (Finally! an' only about 5 decades late - but hey, Better late than... you know)... Seems this is one advantage of being a Lame Duck - there's not much the Repubs can do to Obama now except fume and name call - but they were doing that anyway...

As for our calendar this month, Bunz and Katz help bring in a Generic New Year - so a Generic Good Wishes you all - and here's hoping for a Generic sort of Okay so-so year to come... JQ

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