November 2015

Dark Bunz

"May the Farce be with you!"

Seems the big news last Month wasn't the world Series, and it wasn't the Presidential Debates... *Yawn*... Nope, seems the Brouhaha was all about the new movie trailer, set "A long time ago, in a Galaxy far away, although still close enough to line up for the Box Office..." And so, that got me to thinking ... mostly thinking about how I might do a cheap knock-off... And here it is, though probably having little if anything to do with the Movie itself, and more with my admiration for an old Frank Frazetta comic book cover, from "Famous Funnies #214"... Frazetta's cover is so Wonky and yet so beautifully rendered that I loved trying my own take on it, with Bunz & Katz and a cast of dozens... Well, a couple, anyway... Admittedly, Frank did it better, but hey, mine's free!

As for Bunz & Katz, in their own comix they seem in the midst of our Robot Rampage pages - several moderately disconnected gags, all relating to giant robots in one way or another... The type of thing you do while avoiding getting along with the real story... JQ


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